About us

Biozek medical is a Netherlands based manufacturer with wide ranges of IVD products, as a biotechnology company that specializes in research & development, manufacturing an distribution of the medical diagnostics and innovative immunodiagnostic tools and point-of-care diagnostic test kits for the IVD community worldwide, thanks to all the support from our valued customers worldwide.

We evolve into the global leader of IVD products, and our main products like HAV, Dengue, HIV and Syphilis, are recognized as world class products. Customer service is an equally important factor to our business.

We bring innovative solutions including convergence of rapid test with the power of modern electronics. Thereby helping creation of new technological platforms as well as busness processes that unlock the true potential of amalgamation of technology and commerce with new milestones in techno-commercial areas of POCT industry.

Management philosophy is to provide satisfaction to our customers and deal with customers as partners. Biozek medical is known as a solution provider company.

Our Vision

  • Medical standards and life expectancy will improve in developing countries through the increase of qualified personnel.
  • More interest in P.O.C.T. solutions because of the decentralization of hospitals.
  • Hospitals (especially in developing countries) will deliver more specialist medical care.
  • Medical institutions will become more specialized to react faster and more effectively to the requests.

Our Mission

  • Through working with recognized suppliers of medical equipment we want to provide an optimal solution for our clients.
  • Making new (easy-to-use) quality medical solutions available in developing countries.
  • Improving health with the help of a new generation of tests for women’s health, infectious diseases, tumor markers, drugs of abuse.
  • Creating a better workflow for Point-of-Care institution.