iGFBP-1 Rapid Test Cassette

Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 1 (IBP-1) known as placental protein 12 (PP12) is a protein that in humans is encoded by the IGFBP1 gene. IGF-binding proteins (IGFBPs) is believed to be important in the regulation of fetal and neonatal growth.
The Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 1 (iGFBP-1) rapid test (vaginal secretion) is a visually interpreted, qualitative immunochromatographic test device for detection of iGFBP-1 in vaginal secretions during pregnancy, which is a major protein marker of the amniotic fluid in a vaginal sample. The test is intended for professional use to help diagnose the rupture of fetal membranes (ROM) in pregnant women.

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Insulin-like Growth Factor-binding Protein 1 (iGFBP-1) Rapid Test Cassette


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Vaginal Secretion