Vitamin D Test (CE1434)

The Vitamin D test (CE1434) can be used by non-professionals. The sample is taken with fingerprick whole blood. The testkit contains the lancet, alcoholpad and the pipette for performing the test. The kitbox is specially designed by Biozek for layperson. With the special packaging and the QR-video for instruction manual, the Biozek Vitamin D (REF: RVD-402S) selftest can be used by every adult.

For more information about the Biozek Vitamin D (CE1434) for selftesting, please contact us by sending an e-mail to

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Vitamin D Self Test Promo Video

Vitamin D Test

At Biozek, we recognize the importance of preserving optimal health, which includes your vitamin D testing . Numerous body processes, including bone wellness, immunity support, and general health, depend on vitamin D. Our Vitamin D Self Test Kit is your dependent and practical option for determining your vitamin D level at home.

Your vitamin D levels are one frequently disregarded element when it comes to your health. Biozek is aware of how essential vitamin D is to sustaining general health. Our Vitamin D Self Test Kit is a key to unlocking a healthy you; it’s not simply a test. In this thorough explanation, we go into further detail about the importance of vitamin D , why tracking it is important, and how Biozek’s test kit may help you in your quest for health.

Why Should You Test Your Vitamin D Levels?

Bone Health

Maintaining optimal vitamin D levels is crucial for good bones. Osteoporosis and other problems might result from low levels.

Immune System Support

A healthy immune system depends on vitamin D, and having enough of it may help prevent infections.

Overall Well-Being

Vitamin D status can have an impact on a variety of other health factors, such as state of mind and energy levels.

Why Choose Biozek Vitamin D Self Test Kit?

With the help of our Vitamin D Self-Test Kit, you may conduct reliable, convenient, and readily available testing at home. What distinguishes Biozek’s test kit is as follows:

Accuracy You Can Trust:

Our Vitamin D Self-Test Kit ensures that you have the knowledge necessary to make wise decisions regarding your health by providing accurate and trustworthy findings.

Convenience :

Avoid the inconvenience of making appointments and going to the lab. The at-home Vitamin-D Test Kit from Biozek allows you to conduct the test whenever it is convenient for you without having to leave your house.

Easy to Use:

Our Vitamin D Testing Kit has been strategically built for ease of use. Even for individuals who have never taken an at-home test before, the procedure is simple thanks to the supplied clear instructions.

Quick Results:

Get immediate results on your vitamin D levels. You can get important health data with Biozek’s test kit without having to wait weeks for lab results. The Vitamin D Self-Test Kit from Biozek is supported by our dedication to excellence and accuracy. We give reliable results you can rely on using cutting-edge technology.

Take Control of Your Health

Knowledge and action are the first steps toward optimal health. Being proactive and keeping track of your vitamin D levels will improve your health and well-being. The Vitamin-D Self-Test Kit from Biozek gives you the power to take charge of your health and makes sure you have the crucial information you need to make wise decisions.

When you use Biozek for your vitamin D requirements, you may feel secure with the knowledge that your vitamin D levels are appropriate. Place your order for a Vitamin D Self-Test Kit right away and start living a healthier, more energetic life.

The Importance Of Vitamin D

Your body produces the fat-soluble vitamin D, sometimes referred to as the “sunshine vitamin,” in response to exposure to light. However, many people are at risk of vitamin D insufficiency because of a variety of variables including lifestyle, environment, and sunscreen usage.


What is Vitamin D, and why is it important for health?

Vitamin D, a vitamin that dissolves in fat, is crucial for preserving strong bones, boosting the immune system, and managing mood. For overall health, enough vitamin D intake is essential.

How can I check my Vitamin D levels?

With the use of a straightforward blood test, such as Biozek’s Vitamin D Kit, you can quickly check your vitamin D levels at home.

Why should I consider using Biozek's Vitamin D Self-Test Kit?

The Test Kit for Vitamin D from delivers thorough testing, including D2 and D3 levels, and reliable results in the convenience of your own home. It is practical, precise, and simple to use.

Can I trust the accuracy of Biozek's Vitamin D Self-Test Kit results?

Yes, the Vitamin testing kit from Biozek is built to deliver precise findings. We employ modern technology and closely follow procedures for quality control to ensure accuracy.

What do I do if my Vitamin D levels are low?

If your test results reveal low levels of vitamin D, you must consult a healthcare professional immediately. To increase your vitamin D level, they can offer advice on medication and lifestyle modifications.