DCR 2000 New Generation

The DCR2000 is the second and new generation of Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer. DCR2000 is faster, more compact and able to test more tests than it precessor DCR1000. The Biozek DCR2000 is able to analyse more than 60 different type of tests, by it’s wide range of testing, the user is able to use DCR2000 test kits for recognizing heart disease, inflammation, fertility, diabetes and renal function control. DCR2000 is designed to test the concentration of biomarkers in human blood, serum, plasma or urine. The results can be used to support clinical diagnosis of laboratories and point-of-care tests. For more information, please download the catalogue here below:

DCR2000 Instruction guide


Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer 


Biozek has become a leading force, continually pushing the limits of innovation in the constantly changing field of medical diagnostics. One of their hallmark products, the DCR 2000, is a testament to their dedication to providing state-of-the-art point of care testing equipment. This adaptable tool offers a variety of tests, each carefully developed to satisfy the exacting standards of contemporary healthcare.

We’ll dig into the DCR 2000’s internal workings and examine how it conducts tests for anemia, kidney function, coagulation, diabetes, inflammation, and a variety of other conditions.

Cardiology Test:

The DCR 2000 recognizes the importance of cardiovascular health by providing a stress test cardiology. This test assesses how well the heart functions under strain, giving important information about its effectiveness and capacity. This test is used by cardiologists to identify heart-related problems, making it a crucial component of preventative therapy.

Coagulation Test :

The coagulation profile test, also called the coagulation test, is essential for determining how well the blood clots. This test is performed precisely by Biozek’s DCR 2000, which helps with clotting disease diagnosis and anticoagulant medication monitoring. This equipment supports a broad range of coagulation examinations, from a heat coagulation test to thorough coagulation profiles.

Diabetes Test:

Diabetes requires ongoing monitoring because it is a common chronic illness. The DCR 2000 provides a diabetes blood test, enabling people to manage their blood sugar levels. Patients may readily do blood tests for diabetes in the convenience of their homes using a diabetes test kit that guarantees ease of use.

Inflammation Test :

The DCR 2000’s given blood test for inflammation is quite helpful in locating inflammation inside the body. Multiple underlying diseases can be signaled by elevated inflammatory markers. Clinical professionals can arrange early identification and treatment with the help of this inflammation blood test.

Renal Function Test:

Maintaining general health depends critically on kidney health. The DCR 2000 offers a renal function test list that evaluates kidney function. With the use of this kidney test, medical practitioners may assess filtration rates and swiftly identify renal diseases.

Hormone Test :

Numerous health problems might result from hormonal abnormalities. The DCR 2000 provides a hormone test for at-home use, making it easier for people to keep track of their hormone levels. For people with endocrine system issues, this test is a blessing.

Fertility Test:

Healthcare includes a substantial component of family planning. Both male and female fertility monitoring needs are met by the DCR 2000. Couples may use this program to do fertility testing, which enables them to make educated decisions about starting a baby. At Biozek we provide both male fertility test and fertility test for women.

With Biozek’s DCR 2000 you do not need to visit the clinic by scheduling your busy time. You can take an at home fertility test with no difficulty.

Anemia Test :

Low hemoglobin or red blood cell counts are indicators of anemia, which can have crippling implications. A blood test for anemia is offered by the DCR 2000, enabling early identification and effective therapy. This device is your ultimate solution for anemia blood test.

What Are The Advantages Of DCR 2000 From Biozek

Real Time Results

One of the DCR 2000’s most significant features is its ability to deliver results instantly. Critical information is easily accessible to both patients and healthcare providers, allowing for quick decision-making and action.


In medical diagnostics, reliability is non-negotiable, and the DCR 2000 wonderfully preserves this requirement. Because of its cutting-edge technology, it regularly produces reliable findings, promoting confidence between patients and healthcare professionals.


Efficiency is crucial in the quick-paced healthcare industry. By streamlining the diagnostic procedure, the DCR 2000 reduces wait times and eases the strain on medical institutions.


Because of the DCR 2000 multifunctionality, healthcare establishments may save money. It reduces the need for many diagnostic equipment by combining several tests into one device.

Why Choose Biozek Over Others?

The DCR 2000 from Biozek is revolutionary in the field of point-of-care testing. It gives consumers and healthcare professionals alike the ability to take charge of their health by providing a full suite of testing, including cardiology tests, coagulation tests, diabetes tests, inflammatory tests, and other various tests.

The DCR 2000 is a prime example of Biozek’s dedication to promoting healthcare via innovation, with real-time results, precision, and efficiency as its defining characteristics. The DCR 2000 is a ray of hope and advancement in a time when prompt and precise diagnoses are essential.